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Symposium 2020 Overview
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dmi:Symposium 2020



The Business Case for Design & Innovation

DMI announces a 2 Day dmi:Symposium to be held in November, 2020.


Virtual / Online
November 18-19, 2020 (Wednesday-Thursday)


Registration Fees:

DMI Member $200
Non-Member $250
Consider Membership and Registration Bundle - add a membership or renewal now for +$300 ($100 savings)


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Strong design has been proven to be essential to both disruptive and sustained commercial success. So how do organizations build a business case for investing in design and innovation? What is design worth?

18 November: 2pm-5pm CEST / 8am - 11am EDT

  • Welcome: Carole BIlson, President, DMI
  • Opening Remarks: Luis Calandre, Ph.D., Chief Academic Officer ESNE, University School of Design, Innovation, and Technology


Panel 1: Demonstrating Design Value

Hear from five of this year's dmi:Design Value Award winners as they share their projects, collaboration, and how they delivered value.


Panelists / 2020 dmi:Design Value Award winners:

  • Goal Mama (Hopelab, Ayogo, Nurse-Family partnership - US) - Chris McCarthy, Vice President, Strategy & Design at Hopelab
  • Design Influence & Impact in Hearing Care Retail (Smart Design/ Amplifon - Italy/ US) - Richard Whitehall, Managing Partner, Smart Design
  • Strategic Use of Design to Reframe Market Opportunities (HP Inc.- JetFusion 5200 Series - Barcelona/ US) - Mike Derocher, Director, Experience Design, 3D Printing and Digital Manufacturing, HP Inc.
  • Human-Centered Design for the Age Old Prescription Problem (Novo Nordisk - Denmark) - Mark Guarraia, Head of Design, User Experience and Prototypes, Device Research, Novo Nordisk
  • Cultivating Healthy Lifestyles in Singapore (Idean - Singapore) - Ignatius Ong, Head of Design, Idean / Capgemini

Moderator: Carole Bilson, President DMI



Panel 2: Building the Case for Design: Learning from Experience

Hear how these leaders, who have many varied experiences amongst themselves, learn to continually make the case for design and innovation - what works and what pitfalls to avoid.


Panelists (more to be added):

  • Bob Schwartz, Dean, School of Arts & Design and Business, Mount Mary University
  • Carole Bilson, President, Design Management Institute

Moderator: Iain Aitchison, Founder Graft Design and Innovation Management Ltd.



Panel 3: Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the Business Case for Design

When is it a good time to branch out on your own and run your own show? How do you learn to manage a business while maintaining your innovative chops? How do you determine when to grow, stay level or pivot? Hear from this talented, diverse group of Entrepreneurs; from those just starting out to those who have reached a level of maturity and then those who have been acquired by larger companies.


Panelists (more to be added):

  • Jaime Moreno, CEO & Founder, Mormedi (Spain)
  • Gulay Ozkan, GEDS Founder, and 2019 dmi:DVA winner (Turkey)
  • Aileen Dempsey, Principal, designing business (Ireland

Moderator: Iain Aitchison, Founder Graft Design and Innovation Management Ltd.



CLOSING: Carole Bilson, President, Design Management Institute


Chris McCarthy,
Vice President, Strategy & Design at Hopelab

Richard Whitehall
Managing Partner, Smart Design

Mike Derocher
Director, Experience Design, 3D Printing and Digital Manufacturing, HP Inc.

Gulay Ozkan
Founder, GEDS


Luis Calandre, PhD
Chief Academic Officer
ESNE University School of Design,
Innovation & Technology

Mark Guarraia
Head of Design, User Experience and Prototypes, Device Research, Novo Nordisk

Aileen Dempsey
Principal, designing business

Ignatius Ong
Head of Design, Idean / Capgemini


Brett Lovelady
Founder / CEO, Astro Studios

Iain Aitchison
Founder, Graft Design and Innovation Management Ltd.

Bob Schwartz
Dean, School of Arts & Design and Business, Mount Mary University

Carole Bilson
President, Design Management Institute




19 November: 5-6:45pm CEST / 11am-12:45pm EDT

  • Welcome/ Moderator: Carole BIlson, President, DMI


Design: A Business Case: Thinking, Leading, and Managing by Design.
A new book by co-Authors: Brigitte Borja de Mozota, and Steinar Valade-Amland


11:15-12:45 Presentation of the Book by the co-Authors, including Q&A session
12:45 Closing - Carole Bilson



Brigitte Borja de Mozota
Researcher Université du Québec à Montréal, and Executive Director, Designence

Steinar Valade-Amland
Strategist & Author


Design encompasses the skills, methods, and creative capabilities needed to manifest ideas and direction. Design Thinking is a framework developed to ensure C-suite endorsement of the pursuit of design excellence across the organization. Design Management is a mechanism to capitalize on the investment in design as intellectual capital. This session will challenge you to create professional environments in which Design + Design Thinking + Design Management drives innovation.

  • Join Brigitte and Steinar as they share highlights from their book and take audience questions.

About the co-Authors:


Brigitte Borja de Mozota: One of the world's most prominent scholars in the domain of design management and author of the reference book Design Management - Using Design to Build Brand Value and Corporate Innovation. Currently, a consultant as well as professor and supervisor of MBA "managing by design" theses, she concentrates on mission-driven projects and to develop tools to help understanding the value of the design industry and design-driven innovation, as well as on leadership challenges in economics.

Steinar Valade-Amland: An independent consultant and author, helping organizations unlock their potential. He is dedicated to improving organizational performance and innovation capacity through stakeholder engagement strategies and design thinking and through building strong brands and vibrant organizational cultures. He has held leading export, product, and marketing management positions in the private sector-primarily in design-based manufacturing companies, followed by positions as account director and CEO of a leading brand design agency-until 2000, where he took on the position of CEO of the Association of Danish Designers, held until 2012. He works for the EU as an expert evaluator of research and innovation initiatives supported by DG Research & Innovation, DG Connect and Research Executive Agency. Besides being a sought-after conference speaker, panelist and moderator, workshop facilitator, and columnist, he has contributed to several books, including the Bloomsbury Encyclopaedia of Design.


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