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dmi: Symposium Munich Speakers
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dmi:Munich Symposium





    Bayerisches Staatsministerium fur Wirtschaft und Medien, Energie und Technologie
Bayern Design   Munich Creative Business Week




dmi: Symposium Munich

45 Years of Impact by Design:

Connecting and Creating Value


BMW World Museum
Munich, Germany
March 11, 2020


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Speaker Topics



Lessons From the Hidden Champions

Peter Hache: President Marketing Club Nürnberg

Known as ‘hidden champions’, Germany’s Mittelstand are relatively small but highly successful companies, often world leaders in very specific markets operating in the B2B arena, that are the backbone of the German economy. In his session Peter M. Hache, President of the Marketing Club of Nürnberg will discuss how to build on the lessons of these small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), master the disruption challenge, and shape new business models to deliver competitive innovation.


Mr. Hache is a former senior Executive at Unilever, responsible for business divisions in North America, Europe and Asia. On top of his Master studies in Germany, he studied at Harvard Business School under Clayton M. Christensen, MIT, and INSEAD. He is the co-founder of ANTICIPACTION.Network and Stratolution GmbH providing advice on strategic business model development and implementation focused on SMEs in Germany and abroad.


One Message – One Look - Brand Portfolio Harmonization

Christof Ronge: Global Industrial Design Director, ASSA ABLOY

To stand still is to die. Change gives us new life. Most product portfolios grow organically and over the years they are subjected to a range of different influences, such as customer needs, changes in the market situation, new opinions and tastes, new employees, the incorporation of leveraged buyouts into the overall portfolio... and all of a sudden you’re faced with the reality: your company’s brand image has been watered down! It has become confused, without a clear personality, and without any visual modularity to unify the products. All the strategic price points are occupied, and portfolio development plays out as a battle for price and function. Brand recognition and the ‘feel-good’ factor have been left behind, and the public is losing trust in your brand and its products. Your mission now is to bring about change which will rebuild trust in the brand, generating added value and desirability. The aim is to shift the focus back to your customers and your branding, without taking your eye off the competition – to create something that is unique and provides genuine added value, allowing you to step back a little from the price struggle.



Create Positive Innovation (Keynote)

Melanie Becker: Senior Design Strategist, Noto GmbH
Thorsten Frackenpohl: Managing Director, Noto GmbH


In a Keynote talk, the Noto team will introduce and share an overview of their 3-year EU funded research project on a process of understanding and creating experiences based on the factors that increase subjective wellbeing. Following their keynote, conference attendees may attend a workshop where they will hear case studies and deepen their understanding of the process.



Create Positive Innovation (4-Hour Workshop)

Melanie Becker: Senior Design Strategist, Noto GmbH
Thorsten Frackenpohl: Managing Director, Noto GmbH

To create positive experiences, we have to understand the factors that influence how we, as humans, experience joy. For over 3 years the team at Noto, working with additional partners in an EU funded project, developed and tested an innovation methodology based on understanding and creating experiences based on the factors that increase subjective wellbeing. Our subjective wellbeing is influenced by our daily activities, therefore by taking into account how our activities fulfill our needs, designers and innovators by digging deeper in a systematic way, have the ability to design products and experiences that satisfy those needs. In this workshop, you will learn to identify the interplay of materials, skills, and meaning, and their influence on psychological needs. You’ll learn how daily practices can be shaped to create meaningful and positive experiences.



The Future of Design and the Designer of the Future

Heike Rapp: VP Product Design, SAP


The field of Design continues to evolve, begging the question– what do we mean when we say Design? Heike Rapp, the VP of Product Design at SAP will ask the provocative questions we need to consider: Is investment in Design worthwhile? What skills do designers need to cope with the complexity of the world, including new demands of AI/ML, blockchain, AR/VR, ethical considerations? Can we design the future?


Co-creation as a Path to Future Success

Uday Dandavate: Co-Founder and CEO, SonicRim


SonicRim CEO Uday Dandavate is one of the pioneers of co-creation in the world of design. In this session, he will share insights from his four decades of professional practice and make the case for the importance of tapping into the values, ethics, concerns, and imagination of key stakeholders to co-create a narrative of the future that can then provide a framework for the organization to envision meaningful and compelling future experiences. These co-created narratives can create shared purpose, motivation, and energy for change.


Reframing Perspective: From Problem-Thinking to Opportunity-Thinking

Oliver Szasz: Professor of Digital Media and Communication Design, Macromedia University of Applied Sciences


As humans we are wired to recognize danger, threats, and vulnerabilities first. But that very human response doesn’t work in today’s rapidly changing business landscape. By using a Design-approach to reframe perspectives, organizations of any size can reduce the fear of uncertainty and internal resistance to change by identifying opportunities instead of fixating on problems. In this session learn to:

  • Identify the different decision-making approaches between Business and Design.
  • Understand why Appreciative Inquiry and Design Thinking drive more collaborative and innovative strategic development.
  • Move beyond problem-centered innovation methods by starting with an empathetic understanding of various stakeholders in order to design positive and shared strategies.
  • Change the focus from yesterday/today to an aspirational future.

“Be Your Best” Personal Branding

Gilman Hanson: Executive Creative Director, Hanson Design, Personal Brand Strategist, and Design Leader


Personal branding is about clarifying who you are, who you want to be, and how you want others to perceive you. The “Be Your Best” interactive Breakout Session with Gilman Hanson, Executive Creative Director of Hanson Design will help you define three aspects of your personal brand– brand discovery: identifying your values and personal vision; brand defined: understanding your personal brand though the lens of others; and brand design: working with pictures and key words to develop your personal brand storyboard. You’ll takeaway a better sense of your identity, style, and brand worth for work and play.


Design Management as a Value-Driver for SMEs

Martin Beeh: Founder and Owner beeh_innovation  

Design Management is a powerful tool that can be employed to drive value– and not just for global players and big industry. Martin Beeh, the Founder and Owner of beeh_innovation will share case studies from his work with start-ups, “Mittelstand”- small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs), and known brands that struggle. He’s helped organizations audit design and innovation processes, implement new strategies, introduce game-changing tools, and change corporate culture based on brand building, customer-centricity, and sustainability.




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