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dmi:Design Leadership Conference
Innovative Thinking on Diversity & Inclusion

22 Garfield Place, Cincinnati, OH
May 22 - 24, 2018



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Opening Keynote Executive Panel: "Building a Winning and Inspiring Culture" (Wednesday)



Shirley Davis, Ph.D., CSP
CEO, SDS Global Enterprises


Patricia Pope
CEO & Chief Creative Officer, Pope Consulting


William Gipson
President End-to-End Packaging Transformation & Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, P&G

Join three prominent diversity executives who will share their expertise and insights on the business value of creating an inclusive and inspiring culture that’s built to win. They will share real-world examples of how to lead and succeed in a global, virtual, diverse, and V.U.C.A. world.




Conference Speakers (Wednesday & Thursday)



Building a Design Team to Support Inclusive Design

Phil Chung Ph.D., UX Manager, Cloud at Google

Phil Chung spent six years working on Google's HR and Legal tools, committing time and effort to ensure Google design teams were equipped and following inclusive design practices to build accessible and inclusive tools for Google-scale systems supporting millions of transactions a year. He will share how he promoted inclusive hiring practices, built inclusive and diverse teams and ensured the accessibility of the system through thoughtful design.  





Women Are Not Robots

Erica Eden, Director, Global Design Innovation, PepsiCo

If you take a look women’s innovation, it won’t take long to be disappointed. Women are treated like robots – cold machines that only respond to hot pink and high protein. It’s time to make a change and innovate for tribes, not robots. Tribes are real groups of women with shared interest and aspirational lifestyles – a far more human design strategy.





Diversity + Collaboration = Innovation

Wendy Lea, CEO Cintrifuse

Hear Wendy Lea– CEO of Cintrifuse, angel investor, and advisor to startups in California, Colorado, and Ohio.  She'll dive into how innovation serves as a catalyst for job growth. She’ll contrast Old Power vs. New Power values, and look at how Diversity + Collaboration = Innovation. Diversity isn't just a corporate feel-good measure. A new study suggests that it has bottom-line benefits. It’s proven to be a crucial driver of the development of new ideas and a key factor in real time alignment to the marketplace.






Take Control of Your Future with a Personal Timeline

Brigid O'Kane, Associate Professor, School of Design, College of DAAP, University of Cincinnati

In business, timelines are valuable research tools that help organizations find today’s solutions for tomorrow’s challenges. Comparing different and converging timelines presents a holistic perspective beneficial in finding clarity on complex issues. However, life timelines are one of the most transformative. They reveal what is most important to us so we can reframe our perspective in new ways and make more deeply informed decisions. In this session travel through time and discover how the meaningful things that are important to you today connect to the past and can influence your future.





Rapid UX Innovation Cycles for Next Generation Products

Kelly Goto, CEO, Founder, gotoresearch

Companies want a rigorous and rapid process of taking insights into strategic action—transforming experiences and meeting the real needs of people. Learn how Rapid UX Research is enabling business and product transformation in weeks instead of months. Join user experience veteran Kelly Goto as she takes you through a streamlined innovation process designed to transform your business. 

  • Learn to use Rapid UX Research as a tool for insights and transformation
  • Understand why focusing on emotional needs and behaviors are pivotal to building next generation products and services
  • See how experience mapping can be used for co-creation and innovation





Why Should White Guys have All the Fun? (based on a book title)

Jerry Kathman, Chairman, LPK and Emeritus Board Chair, DMI
Bob Schwartz, GM Global Design & UX, GE Healthcare
Lillian Shieh, Director, Insights & Experience Strategy, Johnson & Johnson

Kwame Nyanning, VP, McKinsey & Co, London
Kevin Bethune, Founder & Chief Creative Officer, dreams • design + life







Gender Dynamics in the Workplace

Patricia Pope, CEO & Chief Creative Officer, Pope Consulting

As well intentioned as Sexual Harassment training was in the 1990s, the unintended consequence was a significant decline in informal interactions between women and men at work.  In the aftermath of #MeToo, it’s important to acknowledge that most men aren’t harassers and most women don’t make false accusations of harassment.  We need to be able to have candid conversations about gender dynamics in the workplace and how they affect both women and men.


The Illusion of Inclusion

Patricia Pope, CEO & Chief Creative Officer, Pope Consulting

Most organizations recognize the importance of creating an inclusive work environment for every employee to perform to their fullest potential.  But what does inclusion really look like on a day-to-day basis, and how do you measure it?  After measuring inclusion for hundreds of teams across many industries, it’s clear that some employees are more included than they think they are, while some others misinterpret their title and status as meaning they are in the ‘inner circle’ – hence, “The Illusion of Inclusion.”







Inclusive Design 2.0

Stephanie Yung, Design Director, Smart Design

An inclusive design approach offers techniques for tapping into the diversity and richness of real life to inspire more socially impactful design. Yet while design has flourished over the past decades through the lens of improved functionality and usability, we are now in an era where we must move beyond mere accessibility as it is known in its traditional sense. Our globalized, digitally connected society demands that we embrace a richer definition of inclusion.

Design director Stephanie Yung will begin by sharing Smart’s early work pioneering universal design with physical products, and illustrate how our inclusive design perspective is evolving in parallel with the new relevance we see in this approach for tackling some of the critical challenges of our time – from trust, emerging technologies and their intersection with humans, gender fluidity, mental health, and the array of stigmatized conditions facing our underserved populations.




Building a Design Function - From Service Providers to Strategic Partners

Hayley Woolford, Founder, Ivy Leaf innovation (former Head of Design at Wrigley, Europe & CISMEA)

When considering Diversity & Inclusion, there seems to be a spectrum for how to consider these notions within business. Translation of these ideas could range from ensuring a good representation of gender and ethnic minorities within a business, through to ensuring a diverse range of perspectives and date points are considered when solving problems and making sure that these perspectives are listened to and used. It is in this second notion where design really adds value to a business.

Design often operates at the point of convergence of many different insights and data points, and design managers are able to make sense of these through a mixture of analytical and intuitive thinking and then communicate a compelling story that drives businesses to change. The ability of a design function to deliver maximum value to a business will depend somewhat on it's maturity and level of advocacy. Depending on where a design function is on its journey to embedding itself within a business, this will affect how the team operates and often the type of work they are permitted to do.




True Colors: Tactics and Strategies for Success in Design

A Panel discussion will be Moderated by Nelson Soken, Ph.D.

A lack of diversity and inclusion affects business. Companies all want a diverse and inclusive company culture that is based on respect, belonging, empowerment, and progression for all employees. This session asks successful design leaders to reflect on their own personal journeys from their initial decision to go into the field of design to how they have navigated the workplace landscape throughout their career (the good, bad, and the ugly) to what advice they would give their younger selves if they could. 




Design For Sustainability

Velvette De Laney, MFA, Principal Designer & Owner dewdropstudios

Attendees will participate in an interactive exploration of environmentally sustainable solutions for a variety of design project types. We will examine sustainable opportunities at each stage of a project's lifecycle and find creative ways to avoid the landfill.


Velvette’s Masters thesis explored and mapped out the journey people (Designers, Professionals, Design students, and Vendors) would need to take to become more environmentally sustainable within their practice. From this research, she developed a tool that will assist on that journey and make the transition both painless and visually compelling.




Design Thinking in Conservation

Andrea Wogsland, Development Director, Return To Freedom

On a macro level nonprofit organizations are held to different standards in terms of operations yet to the same standards of return on investment in terms of impact. Within the environmental sector, animal welfare organizations are immediately perceived as being emotionally driven by mainstream conservation organizations. Explore how design thinking can be used to show impact, change the narrative, and break through barriers to entry.


Return to Freedom is dedicated to protecting the freedom, diversity, and habitat of America's wild horses and burros through sanctuary, education, advocacy, and conservation, while enriching the human spirit through direct experience with the natural world.




Busting through Innovation’s Roadblocks

Nicholas Partridge, Senior Innovation Director, LPK

Hunger for top-line growth has never been stronger. 
Belief among executives in innovation’s potential has never been greater. 
Investment in innovation programs has never been higher.


The harsh reality? Innovation's failure rate in most industries has never been higher. 
Yet ideas and ambition alone aren’t why innovation succeeds or fails.


In this interactive workshop Nicholas Partridge will use LPK’s Innovation Roadblocks Cards to help participants uncover organizational barriers, overcome project pitfalls and begin to eliminate their most pressing internal roadblocks.





Closing Executive Panel: dmi:Diversity Manifesto, The Path Forward

Hayley Woolford, CEO Founder, Ivy Leaf Innovation
Ron Clark, Director Strategic Design, BCG Digital Ventures
Phil Duncan, Chief Design Officer, P&G
Ernesto Quinteros, Chief Design Officer, Johnson & Johnson
Kwame Nyanning, VP, McKinsey & Co, London
Carole Bilson, (Moderator) President, DMI





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