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dmi:Design Leadership Conference #DLC18


October 7-9, 2018



Diversity and Inclusion in 3 parts:

DMI President will share a recap of the first conference held in May 2018 on Innovative Thinking in Diversity & Design.
This will be followed by a distinguished panel who will share their thoughts on Diversity & Inclusion in Design; and then the  dmi:Diversity in Design Manifesto  will be introduced.
  • Opening Keynote: Recap of dmi: Diversity in Design - Carole Bilson, President, DMI
  • Panel discussion: dmi: Diversity in Design
          Kwame Nyanning, Associate Partner, Experience Design, McKinsey London
          Robert Schwartz, GM, Global Design & UX, GE Healthcare, GE
          Paul McGee, Director, Industrial Design–Americas, Crown Equipment
          Tysonn Betts, Design Director & Right Brain to the Business- Family Care, P&G Ventures
          Salka Fernandez, Director, J&J Solutions, J&J
          Phil Chung, Ph.D., UX Manager, Cloud at Google
  • dmi:Diversity in Design Manifesto is introduced. Learn more about it, play a role or share your accomplishments along your journey with the global DMI community.

Speaker Sessions - Monday & Tuesday



Inclusive Design Leadership in Tech

John Maeda: Global Head, Computational Design & Inclusion, Automattic


The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) generates fundamental ethical questions around justice and inclusion. Algorithms are based on historical data, which is often flawed and biased. John Maeda sees this challenge as an opportunity for designers, noting that “the business opportunity for the future-thinking designer is in inclusion.” Maeda will share his perspective on design in tech focusing on the scope of inclusive design leadership.





The Intergalactic Design Guide: Harnessing the Creative Potential of Social Design

Cheryl Heller: Communication Strategist Chair, MFA Design for Social Innovation SVA; President, Measured Lab

As homo sapiens’ entry in any intergalactic design competition, industrial civilization would be tossed out at the qualifying round.” — David Orr, Earth in Mind

Design has built global brands, disrupted industries and transformed our lives with technology. It has also contributed to the complex challenges we face today. In this session, business strategist, designer and author Cheryl Heller shows how the new system of social design can solve those challenges, by helping us successfully navigate uncertainty, increase human creativity, strengthen relationships, and develop our capacity to collaborate. Heller will share the common principles, processes, and skills that lead to successful social design. Nine in-depth examples of creative leaders—from the CEO of the largest carpet manufacturer in the world to a young entrepreneur with a passion for reducing food waste—illustrate diverse applications of the social design process.





Reducing Complexity

Mike Milley: Director, Foresight & Strategy, Designworks, A BMW Group Company

“Every day, the world becomes more hectic and distracting. People are increasingly attracted to experiences that streamline and simplify –and they’re willing to pay more for them. "Reduced Complexity" is the new hallmark of premium brands, products, and experiences. Hear about the pioneers that are innovating in this space, and learn four key principles for delivering on the promise of Reduced Complexity.





Designing Business

Kwame Nyanning: Associate Partner, Experience Design, McKinsey & Co., London

The continued integration of design and business is inevitable. We’re now at a point where the new levers of value for business: technology, experience and culture, also happen to be the established levers of value for design. The question is, can we develop mutually understood and beneficial expressions of value around the practice of designing business? No one is better placed to answer that question than McKinsey. Join Kwame Nyanning, Associate Partner, Experience Design, at McKinsey as he shares what it takes to practice design at the world’s preeminent management consulting firm.






Good Design is Good Business: An All-American Success Story

Jeevak Badve: VP Strategic Growth, Sundberg-Ferrar Design Studio

Why is it that only a handful of Fortune 500 companies are reaping benefits from the intentional use of innovation strategy and industrial design thinking whereas others fall short of leveraging the human-centric design mindset? Jeevak Badve, VP Strategic Growth Sundberg-Ferrar Design Studio, a design consultancy who has worked for brands like NASA, Honda, Kenmore, P&G, Hyundai, Delta, and more will share insights and unique vantage points based on real market immersion, dedicated research, strategic synthesis, and super user interviews on this elusive topic – the secret that has helped SF thrive for all consecutive 84 years.





The 10 UX Commandments of Connected Experiences

Mark Wolfe: Solution Architect Experience Design, Slalom Consulting

With the number of connected devices set to top 20 billion this year – and that’s not including computers and phones– seamless experiences are mission critical to customer experience and brand value. In this session Mark Wolfe, a designer and art director who has built award-winning User Experiences for some of the world's most recognized brands, will outline the 10 "must-do" commandments to follow when creating experiences that delight.


Breakout Session: Crafting a Unified "Design System" for a Modern Organization's Ecosystem

Mark Wolfe: Solution Architect Experience Design, Slalom Consulting

This breakout session focuses on creating a comprehensive Design System for companies of all sizes. Mark Wolfe, a designer and art director who has built award-winning User Experiences for some of the world's most recognized brands, will outline the business case for investing in building a Design System, and the elements to take into account when creating a cohesive experience for users both inside and outside the organization.






Finding Opportunity for Innovation in Emerging Technologies

Rama Gheerawo: Director, Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, Royal College of Art, London

Emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are all around us. Whether we think of them as exciting, mind-blowing, uncertain, inhuman or simply confusing they will have profound effects on business, academia, government, and not-for-profit industries. In this session, Rama Gheerawo will share a different perspective: what should we be creating in this space to ensure that AI, VR, and AR are actually useful and not just another digital fetish? How can AI benefit real people with real needs, or VR and AR become a tool for customer-centered innovation? Drawing on work he has lead with some of the world’s major technology companies, Rama will present 5 ideas that outline the challenges, but more importantly, discuss the opportunities that this technology presents.


Optional Workshop October 10th 9:00 -3:00pm: Insider's Guide to Innovation $480 USD

How can you use Design Thinking and other human-centered approaches effectively, especially with limited time, budget and resources? Learn to work smarter in a world that is increasingly demanding. Rama Geerawho- Director, The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, Royal College of Art, has developed and used techniques in over 100 ‘real world’ projects for a wide spectrum of clients. In this workshop, you’ll learn his insider’s guide to rapid, effective and aspirational innovation. Read More and Register Here>





Designing AI for Humanity

Carol Smith: Senior UX Researcher, Uber ATG

As Design leaders we must enable our teams with skills and knowledge to take on the new and exciting opportunities that building powerful AI systems bring. Dynamic systems require transparency regarding topics such as data provenance, bias, and training methods, to gain user’s trust. Carol will cover these topics and challenge us as design leaders to represent our fellow humans by provoking conversations regarding critical ethical and safety needs.






A Sustainability Tool for Designers, Brands and Vendors

Velvette De Laney: Founder and Principal Designer, dewdropstudios

With her thesis research, Velvette has developed a software-based tool that will enable Designers, Brands, and Vendors in the print and Consumer Packaged Goods industries to identify and assess the environmental impacts of their projects prior to production.
She believes that, with full transparency of a project's environmental impact at each stage of the design and production processes, we can make better decisions—and, ultimately, reduce waste.



Breakout Session: Design for Sustainability (D4S)

Velvette De Laney: Founder and Principal Designer, dewdropstudios

Attendees will participate in an interactive exploration of environmentally sustainable solutions for a variety of design project types. We will examine sustainable opportunities at each stage of a project's lifecycle and find creative ways to avoid the landfill.
Velvette’s Masters thesis explored and mapped out the journey people (Designers, Professionals, Design students, and Vendors) would need to take to become more environmentally sustainable within their practice. From this research, she developed a tool that will assist on that journey and make the transition both painless and visually compelling.

Design can help make better decisions, and ultimately reduce waste in the print and packaging industries when there is a comprehensive understanding of the environmental impacts at every stage of the design and production processes. Velvette is developing a software-based tool that enables designers, brands, and vendors to identify and assess the impact of their projects where it matters– prior to production.


How to Get Ahead in Business and in Life

Bob Schwartz: GM, Global Design & UX, GE Healthcare
Kevin Bethune: Founder & Chief Creative Officer, dreamsdesign + life

While there is no formula for success, there are certain education, skills, behaviors, and activities that can increase the probability of success. Discuss and hear from executives who share their personal and professional perspectives.





Breakout Session: Creative Equity

Boudewijn Soetens: Innovation & Strategy Director, VanBerlo, Netherlands
Nadine von Seelen: Insights & Innovation, VanBerlo, USA

Creative Equity is framework to measure organizational strength in the front end of innovation of large enterprises. It is designed for CEOs, CDOs and CFOs to quantify dynamics that are difficult to measure. The framework, methodology, and digital platform were developed by innovation agency VanBerlo, in partnership with the TIAS School for Society & Business and  Eindhoven University of Technology. The partnership is currently collaborating with banks, agencies, global accountancy firms and venture capitalists to offer Creative Equity on a larger scale. 

Boudewijn Soetens and Nadine von Seelen from VanBerlo will share the framework and most recent developments, and results of industry collaborations.


Building a Design Team to Support Inclusive Design

Phil Chung Ph.D.:  UX Manager, Cloud at Google 


Phil has led design teams working on HR, Legal, and Cloud products at Google. Prior to Google he held UX positions at IBM, AT&T, and NASA. Throughout his tenure as a design manager, he has focused on ensuring that his teams were equipped to build Google-scale systems following a practical inclusive design approach. He will share how he built diverse teams, adopted inclusive hiring and on-boarding practices, and is continuing to drive inclusive design on the product teams he works with.


Curating Customer Love: Rise Above the Noise & Build Trust

Sabrina Jetton: Creative Director and Innovation Strategist, Ziba

89% of companies believe that Customer Experience (CX) is the new competitive advantage. So why are 93% of CX initiatives failing? Are you striving to create experiences that touch customer’s hearts and minds? Are you consistently delivering those deceptively simple, iconic products and services that your company--and yours alone--can own? Has all the noise out there compromised your ability to hear your customer? What meaningful role do you play in your customers’ life? It’s time to reimagine CX, beginning with clarity around a gutsy truth: customers just want to fall in love.

Using New Product Innovation to Drive Organizational Change

Linda Quarles: Director Strategy + Organizational Design, frog

If your company wants to be design-led, it’s not just the products and services that are affected. As design leaders, we focus so much on changing the hearts and minds of our customers. Do we also step up to the equally hard challenge of connecting with the employees in the organization to be the agents and ambassadors of change? In this session, we will explore how human-centered design principles can be used to connect empathy and emotion within the heartbeat of the company. Learn what happens when a new innovation spurs organizational change, and how a design-led mindset can facilitate change in your company.

Transforming the Financial Services Industry - Delivering on the Promise of Customer Centricity

Andre G. Hill: Executive, Financial Services Industry; Former Chief Marketing Officer for $40 Billion Commercial Bank

In this break-out session, we will discuss how the financial services industry is being threatened by the convergence of technology and marketing and its impact on customer acquisition, engagement and retention. We’ll examine case studies and explore best practices to understand how banks are transforming themselves by making strategic investments in technology, advanced analytics and organizational design to deliver a differentiated banking experience throughout the customer lifecycle.








Moderated Panel: Leadership and Innovation in Healthcare

Dr. Kamal Jethwani, MPH: Sr. Director, Partners Connected Health Innovation Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School
Dr. Michael Potts, FACC, FACP: Invasive Cardiologist Central Florida Cardiology Group
Greg Miller: VP, Global Marketing & Innovation Excellence, UCB


A doctor who's a leader in connected-health technology, an innovation leader for a pharmaceutical giant, and a noted cardiologist – foes or allies? Dr. Kamal Jethwani MPH, Dr. Michael Potts FACC FACP, and Greg Miller will explore the challenges of delivering patient-centered healthcare solutions in an increasingly complex environment.




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