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Each day, join one of these interactive, small group sessions to discuss and determine how to create your own successful lab culture to drive innovation. Expect a wealth of hard information, insights and tools to put to use in your organization.
  • Maker Lab: The Impacts of Thinking + Making + Sharing
  • Culture Lab: Creating Innovative Cultures
  • Millenial Lab: The 7 Values That Drive a Generation


Maker Lab:  The Impact of {Thinking + Making + Sharing}

Led by: Sunand Bhattacharya, Learning Strategist, Autodesk Worldwide  

Surya Vanka, Director of User Experience, Microsoft 
Marco Perry, Principal Founder, Pensa
Susan Gladwin, Senior Global Program Manager, Autodesk
Leo Burd, PhD, MIT Media Lab; MIT Center for Mobile Learning
Dina El-Zanfaly, PhD Candidate, Design & Computation, MIT; co-founder, Fab Lab Egypt
The concept of creating or making is not a new one. Humankind’s drive to design and innovate ideas is what has brought us all to where we stand today. The difference today is the ease of access to information, knowledge, social communities to help collaborate, social network funding sources, and the ready access to tools for making and prototyping. Thinking + Making + Sharing is dramatically changing Industry and Education.  In these workshops, hear from industry and education leaders on the shifts to come, and co-create solutions to embracing the movement or managing it in your organization. 
DAY ONE– The Impact of Thinking + Making + Sharing on Industry 
The Broad Terrain of the Maker Movement & Lab Culture

Co-creation, customization, social commerce, social incubation are all tilting the way organizations think about, and manage innovation.  They are bringing new energy (and challenges) to R&D. Hear how large corporations such as Microsoft and Autodesk, as well as smaller establishments like Pensa, are approaching open innovation and how Sustainability Design in Making, the FabLab (Fabrication Lab) movement and digital tools are accelerating lab culture.  

DAY TWO– The Impact of Thinking + Making + Sharing on Education
Next Generation Learners and K - 16 Education

When college freshman can Kickstart an idea to million dollar production, what impact does that have on the role of design education?  With design and co-creation tools are introduced to a seasoned design team, what impact does that have on professional education?  How can design literacy be woven into the K16 education system to foster an innovative society. We'll discuss the impact of the Maker Movement on the design ecosystem: engaging students, finding the best talent, and investing in professional training. 

Culture Lab: Creating Innovative Cultures

Led by:
Josh Levine, Co-Founder, CultureLabX; Founder, Great Monday &
Emily Tsiang, Co-Founder, CultureLabX

The ability to spearhead culture change in today’s rapidly changing workplace is the difference between industry leaders and industry losers. Join CultureLabX Co-Founders Emily Tsiang and Josh Levine as they explain why corporate culture is more important than ever before and how you can effectively lead your business through cultural transitions. This lab will explore modalities in organizational change rooted in brand strategy, positive psychology, experience mapping, and more.

DAY ONE: Introduction to Culture as Competitive Advantage
Using Silicon Valley start-ups as a lens, we will explore methodologies for both implementing and measuring culture change and learn why culture is the next great competitive advantage in business.

DAY TWO: Designing Culture Programs for Your Organization
In day two we will share and discuss five different culture design paradigms. As individuals and in small group-teams participants will experiment with the model they feel best fits their needs. Participants will take away a new perspective and a powerful set of frameworks that will prepare them to kick off their culture change initiative the next day.

Millennial Lab: the 7 Values That Drive a Generation

Led by:
Chris Rockwell, President  - Lextant
Taylor Lies, Director Design Research – Lextant
Nearly 78 million Millennials were born between 1980 and 2000 in the U.S. alone. While this represents a significant market opportunity, many organizations are wrestling with the challenge of how to innovate for this new generation. What motivates them? What experiences do they seek? What drives their behaviors? Many myths and stereotypes exist for Millennials — lazy, narcissistic, entitled — and most are inaccurate.
While widely researched, few studies have focused on how Millennials actually see themselves. Lextant recently completed a unique year-long study to understand what drives Millennials as seen through their own eyes. The goal of the study was to create a foundational understanding of the desires and motivators of this next generation to serve as a starting point for product and service innovation.
7 Core Values
This workshop will explore Generational Innovation starting with the 7 core values and 4 key influencers that shape the desires of the Millennials. Like never before, this generation will seek out experiences of discovery, involvement, and connectedness. They desire to participate in the creation of the products, services, brands, and communities they choose. They seek to contribute in extraordinary ways to the professions and passions that define them. Workshop participants will explore strategies to bring these values to life in through their product and service innovations.
This workshop is relevant to anyone who is responsible for customer insights, design research, customer experience, innovation, business strategy, requirements specification, ideation, or design.


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