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dmi:Design Value Award Winner - GE Healthcare’s Edison
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dmi:Design Value Award Winner




GE Healthcare’s Edison™ Design System. Design to Help Save Lives

Design, Marketing, Product Management, Engineering, Executives


GE Healthcare’s hundreds of medical devices and software products are used daily by healthcare
professionals globally in clinical and hospital settings. It is best known for its medical devices including ventilators, patient monitors, ultrasounds, and imaging machines such as X-Rays, CTs, and MRIs. But today, healthcare is increasingly focused on intelligent software. Unfortunately, due to decades of development spanning many separate departments, the organization’s software user interfaces (UIs) had become inconsistent in appearance and function and did not represent a unified brand. This meant that doctors and frontline healthcare workers were using inconsistent software, including on devices that could be decades old or reflect outdated usability. Further, the inconsistencies sometimes resulted in duplicative design efforts.

EdisonTM Design System is a platform of validated design, code, and standards for creating consistent, modern, and intuitive health software. The System was designed to improve operational efficiency by saving time and money, and reduce inefficiencies for GE Healthcare and partners. The system offers a shared library of designs, styles, code, and a custom Sketch toolkit for maximum platform efficiencies and interoperability. It also offers free or low-cost designer and developer hands-on training to advance UI engineering skills across the organization and train recipients on use of the platform and toolkit. launched in January 2020 after one and a half years in development by a dedicated team of just ten members. The system provides GE Healthcare’s 50,000 staff and partners one-stop access to a comprehensive library that includes: a downloadable style guide and custom Sketch toolkit for designers; detailed design specs, redlines and usage guidelines on every item; a searchable, scalable icon library supporting three baseline sizes; code snippets and live code demos; a showcase of projects using the system; and community updates. The system’s design direction manifests GE brand guidelines for brand and typography, while the color palette was extended and enhanced for maximum usability and legibility in healthcare software and for healthcare’s wide range of room lighting and environments.

Through UI code reuse, there is less duplicative development across products and the potential for improved time to market. The code and design specs are crafted to match, which reduces tedious QA and validation steps. This provides both economies of scale, improvements in product quality, and improved customer experience.

Customers will be pleased to have a consistent, modern, responsive user experience across GE Healthcare’s hundreds of products because it will mean less time spent on staff training and learning each product, and it will reduce the potential for costly errors. This, in turn, should spur increased sales.

EdisonTM Design System has already had a major impact with validated designs, standards, code, and a large community aiming to improve healthcare. A 2000+ member global designer and developer community provides detailed input and receives the latest updates every two weeks. Improved customer experience and efficiency from shared design patterns and code helps users with usability and workflow optimization and aids developers’ efficiency. Users are rapidly adopting the system with around 40 internal and partner initiatives already using it.

Use of EdisonTM Design System results in a consistent, modern and intuitive healthcare software that functions as a holistic suite. Its impact is meaningful: improved software by design for hundreds of thousands of global healthcare workers who help save lives every day.

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